I’ve spent the past 22 years pouring myself into my passion, saving nature’s wildlife and wild spaces, and I’ve loved every second of living my purpose in life. However, while spending well over half my life pouring myself into my purpose, I wasn’t pouring into myself. I was largely neglecting my own health, at times physically, emotionally, and financially, and 2 years ago was my turning point. I had nothing left to pour into my passion. Something had to give. I was spent physically, emotionally, and financially. My relationships were suffering. I was feeling both burdened and like a burden. Essential oils saved me, physically and emotionally, and have now empowered me financially to continue to do what I love, while allowing me to build a business that helps others to be the change. I no longer feel burdened with the task of finding enough funding to fuel my charitable passions; I have transformed my charity into abundant philanthropy. I now use nature for nature


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